Nuance Bull Terrier Breeding Program

Nuance has a very limited breeding program which started with my first litter in 1985; I purchased my foundation bitch, Rachel, Ch Westbrook Walking Song, C.D. ROM, TT in 1982 after my first Bully, purchased in 1970, passed away. I am limited in the number of dogs I like to keep at home by personal preference which places limits on my breeding program.

My goal is to breed Bull Terriers that I would be happy to own, dogs that are that are sound in mind and body and who can compete in specialty, all breed, and obedience competition. I prefer dogs of moderate size (40-65 pounds) with a lot of Bull Terrier personality.

All breeding dogs are health checked before breeding for the most common conditions affecting Bull Terriers that there are medical tests available for, these being heart (auscultation/echocardiogram), hearing (BAER), patellas and kidney screening (UPC). I also strive to minimize risks of problems we do not yet have screening tests for, including obsessive compulsive disorders and allergies. I strive to produce dogs that can be fed readily available high quality commercial foods. This makes it easier for me to travel with my dogs and keep them in good condition and makes life easier for people who buy dogs from me.

I also breed for a "showy" personality, this means Nuance Bull Terriers tend to be smarter and more active than some, which can present more challenge but also means they easier to motivate when training and often have an extra dose of Bully charisma. When I learned of the AKC's Breeder of Merit program in December 2010, which recognizes breeders who have been active and successful in AKC activities and promote the good health and AKC registration of their dogs, I applied for and was accepted into the program.

Give the vagaries of nature and the Bull Terrier breed, this doesn't mean I achieve my breeding goals with every single puppy, but this is where I'm headed and I will be there to help you through every challenge your Bull Terrier may present.

I prefer to sell dogs to people who have given careful thought and researched the breed, preferably previous dog-raising experience who are also willing to keep in touch, ask for my advice, and most importantly, listen to it. I've owned Bull Terriers for over 30 years, have trained many puppies, show dogs and a few competition obedience dogs. I have a contact network that includes Bull Terrier owners and breeders around the world as well as veterinary and training specialists familiar with the breed's unique challenges. In other words, if you need help, please call me first!

Dogs that I feel have show potential are sold on co-ownership agreements and unless you have previous dog showing experience, I prefer to keep them within about an hour's drive of my home in a western suburb of Detroit, Michigan. Dogs that I feel are not likely to have strong show or breeding potential are sold outright on limited registrations.

Contracts both protect my breeding program by allowing me to have some access to the offspring of my dogs for breeding and by keeping dogs from my breeding from being bred by people who may not to be able to provide the lifetime of support to buyers that I feel is important. Bull Terriers are not a low maintenance breed - they can be very challenging to own and as a consequence, new owners who are not fully prepared often decide they need to get rid of the dog - and often find someone even less prepared to handle the dog. This leads to a downward spiral for the dogs and in the long run, for the breed. Sorry to get so melodramatic, but it's important to me that this breed stay in the hands of people who both understand and can handle it responsibly.

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