Litters (2002-Present)

Livi, GCh Ch Nuance Naughty or Nice, ROM, CGC, RN, RATO whelped a litter of three white female puppies on June 23, 2017

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Ch Megavilles Signing Off, ROMGCH Ch Nuance Naughty or Nice, ROM, GCG, RN, RATO

Ch Megavilles Signing Off, ROM
ex Ch Nuance Naughty or Nice, ROM, GCG, RN, RATO

In this breeding, I am combining two dogs that are of fairly similar type, although of vastly different size and pedigrees. Both are well constructed, good movers with lovely profiles and flawless mouths. I am hoping to improve on Livi's expression and bone and tighten up Josh's length of loin just a bit. Livi is very bright and busy, and is actually a wonderful performance dog, at least for a Bull Terrier! I am hoping Josh will take her busy-ness down a notch, although I do admit I like the smart ones!

This will be the first litter I have raised using the Puppy Culture protocols which emphasize early exposure to variety of experiences and early training. I am enjoying helping my pups be more than ready for anything life throws at them when they leave home. I will expect new puppy owners to continue providing positive training and enrichment activities.

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Vanna, Ch Nuance Nonetheless whelped a litter of 11 puppies on August 4, 2014

GCH Soquel Millenium Seafarer, ROMCh Nuance Nonetheless

GCH Soquel Millenium Seafarer, ROM
ex Ch Nuance Nonetheless

In this breeding, I am combining Vanna's clean lines, lovely neck and shoulder and elegance with the substance and cobbiness from Archie's side. Both dogs are very well constructed and get along well with other dogs and I expect the puppies will have potential to do well in all-breed as well as specialty competition. A well constructed dog is also one that can participate in family activities for longer periods without getting stiff or sore. This litter combines linebred pedigrees from top Australian, UK, and American lines, with top producer Am Ch Carousel's Ronin Samurai, ROM appearing multiple times along with Aust Ch Bulroarus Roman Candle and UK Ch Emred Devil's Chance

Eleven puppies were whelped on August 4, 2014 and several are very promising, including two black brindles that will be staying at Nuance. Several puppies are staying local, but they've also found homes in Alberta, Florida, Indiana, New Jersey, and Ohio.

Marley and Winston

GCH Aragon's Ruffin Around, ROM Am/Can Ch Nuance Nonsense, ROM

GCH Aragon's Ruffin Around, ROM
ex Am/Can Ch Nuance Nonsense, ROM

In this breeding, I hope to take Marley's wonderful balance and soundness and add just a touch more substance and typiness from Winston. Both dogs have sweet personalities and similar pedigrees, going back to both the elegant solid red littermates Ch Silmaril Scarlet Knight and Ch Silmaril Scarlet Princess and typy top producers such as Ch Horizon's Ruffin Roulette and Ch Action's Headed for Fame, ROM

Five white puppies were born March 25, 2012, as of October, 2014 the two girls, Livi, GCH Ch Nuance Naughty or Nice ROM and Lily, GCH Ch Nuance None of Your Biz at Foxairn, ROM owned by Peggy Beisel-McIlwaine and Sandy McIlwaine as well as brother Willis GCH Ch Nuance No Fooling Around at Bulliard, ROM have finished their AKC Grand Championships and BTCA Recognition of Merit titles. Willis, Ch Nuance No Fooling Around at Bulliard co-owned with Michelle Long was also Reserve White Dog at the 2016 Silverwood.

Pedigree in PDF format

Jolie and Max

Ch Bulroarus Tuff at the TopCh Nuance Nonchalance, ROM

Ch Bulroarus Tuff at the Top
ex Ch Nuance Nonchalance, ROM

In late 2010, Jolie relocated to live with her sire's breeder, Dr Carl Pew DVM, in Utah. She was bred in January, 2011 to Max, who is linebred to her grandsire, the influential Austalian sire, Ch Bulroarus Roman Candle. There were several promising puppies in this litter, and two finished their championships in 2013, a brindle dog, Diablo, Ch Silmaril Sly Devil and a white bitch, Vanna, Ch Nuance Nonetheless. Vanna lives with John and Pam Rorke and their other Bully, Ivan (Nuance National Pastime)in Dryden Michigan.

Born March 11, 2011: Pedigree in PDF format

Jolie and George

Ch Emred Rum RunnerCh Nuance Nonchalance, ROM

Ch Emred Rum Runner
ex Ch Nuance Nonchalance, ROM

In this litter I hoped to improve on Jolie's rear and bite while reducing her overall scope to get a more short coupled, typier dog. George contributes good solid body structure with strength of head and a pedigree chock full of correct dentition. Jolie only had one puppy from the first attempt at this breeding, but he looks like he he's approaching my goal, he's got a short back, lovely head and fluid movement. This puppy, "Carson" whose registered name is Ch. Nuance Nightcap, went Winners Dog for 5 points at the 2010 BTCMD specialty from the 9-12 months puppy class and finished his championship in March, 2013 at the BTCA specialty in held in conjunction with the BTC of St Louis shows under Susan Murphy.

Whelped November 11, 2009: Pedigree in PDF format

Nikki and Tug

Ch Old Forge Tug McGraw at Chevalier ROM Can/Am Ch Nuance Night and Day, ROM

Ch. Old Forge Tug McGraw at Chevalier, ROM
ex Am/Can Ch Nuance Night and Day, ROM

This litter is line bred to Nikki's sire, Ch Brummagem Chips Ahoy, ROM, a BTCA Stud Dog Emeritus. I'm hoping Tug will add a bit more length of neck and better rear movement, while Nikki contributes her more compact typiness. Both parents are great show dogs with upbeat attitudes and multiple specialty wins and group placements.

Whelped August 16, 2007: Pedigree in PDF format

Anna and Joey

Ch Silmaril Scarlet KnightNuance Nonconformance

Ch Silmaril Scarlet Knight
ex Nuance Nonconformance

This litter was a study in contrasts, an outcross between a small (40 pound) typey bitch and a large (80 lb) elegant dog. I was looking to improve Anna's length of neck and lose some of her extreme flexibility to get a sturdier feeling dog. Anna is tightly linebred to Am/Can Ch Jocko's Caesar of Magor and also has a liver pigmentation, I was hoping to leverage the great producing capacity of "Julius" while masking the liver factor.

This litter exceeded my expectations with exceptional quality; their sire and dam were the recipients of the BTCA's Stud Dog and Brood Bitch Trophies for 2008. I truly believe that most if not all could finish their championships had they been placed in show homes. They managed to combine the best traits of both parents and several exceed their parents in at least one dimension. Among the 3 that have been shown, Marley (Am/Can Ch Nuance Nonsense, ROM) both won the Silverwood Trophy and is Top Bull Terrier in Canada for 2008, Jolie (Ch Nuance Nonchalance, ROM) was Reserve Colored Bitch to her sister at the 2008 Silverwood and has several AKC group placements, and Arlo (Nuance Nightfall) has 7 points including a major. The two girls each were also Silverwood finalists in 2007. Brother Woodrow (Nuance Northwoods) has not been shown in conformation, but received a Canine Good Citizen award in 2008.

Whelped 1/18/06 Pedigree in PDF format

Ada and Johnny

Ch Brummagem Chips Ahoy ROMAm/Can Ch Horizon's Harlequin Romance  RN

Ch Brummagen Chips Ahoy, ROM
ex Am/Can Ch Horizon's Harlequin Romance, RN

In this litter I wanted to improve on Ada's head and bone while linebreeding to the great producer, Am/Can Ch Jocko's Caesar of Magor (Julius) I got a wonderful assortment of colors and genders.Two siblings; Am/Can Ch Nuance Nougat Center, ROM and Am/Can Ch Nuance Night and Day were were awarded the BTCA ROM title and became Silverwood finalists. Another sibling, Nuance Nebula, had 10 points and both majors before being retired due to health concerns and my delightful Anna Nicole (Nuance Nonconformance) would most likely have become a champion if she had correct pigmentation. Members of this litter are exceptionally smart and charismatic, which as they say, is a Mixed Blessing!

Whelped 8/9/02 Pedigree in PDF format

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