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 Nuance Night in Tunisia

"Iris" Ch Nuance Night in Tunisia, CGC, ROM

By BGCH CH Soquel Millenium Seafarer ex Ch Nuance Nonetheless
Iris was born in August, 2014 and was my first dog to finish her ROM before her AKC championship by going Reserve Colored Bitch at the 2015 Silverwood competition in Galveston, TX. Shown here in the ring at Silverwood 2016 where she was also a Colored Bitch finalist. She was awarded her CGC at 2 years of age through a work-sponsored class.

Nuance Night to Remember

"Adam" Ch Nuance Night to Remember

By GCH CH Soquel Millenium Seafarer ex Ch Nuance Nonetheless
Adam is a litter brother to Iris and has not fared quite so well at the specialty shows, but still finished before two years of age. Shown here going BOS under Gayle Denham at the Monroe KC supported show in 2016. He is a big sweetie!

 Nuance Name in Lights

"Mac" Nuance Name in Lights

By GCH CH Soquel Millenium Seafarer ex Ch Nuance Nonetheless
Mac lives in Indiana and has taken a back seat to Adam in the show ring, but will be out and about more soon. He has several specialty Winners Dog awards and is looking forward to continuing his show career. Shown here in a ringside shot at the Iliiana BT supported shows in 2016 where he was Winners Dog two out of four days.

 Nuance Naughty or Nice

"Livi" GCH Ch Nuance Naughty or Nice, CGC, RN, ROM, RATO

By GCH CH Aragon's Ruffin Around, ROM ex Am/Can Ch Nuance Nonsense, ROM, RATS
Livi was born in March, 2012 and quickly finished her AKC championship and then her ROM with several group placements along the way. She one the Dancing Master Movement Trophy at the first Canadian Shield competition. Unfortunately, she shook one too many rope toys way too hard and developed a hematoma in one ear before her 3rd birthday. With conservative treatment it stood again, but then recurred and eventually I decided to give up on a conformation career and have it surgically repaired. Livi is very bright and active and unusually biddable for a Bull Terrier, so we have turned to performance competition, she has her Canine Good Citizen award and has legs in Rally Obedience, competition Obedience, and Barn Hunt. More to come!

Nuance None of Your Biz at Foxairn

"Lily" GCH Ch Nuance None of Your Biz at Foxairn

By GCH CH Aragon's Ruffin Around, ROM ex Am/Can Ch Nuance Nonsense, ROM, RATS
Lily is a litter sister to Livi and finished her championship and ROM with several group placements as well. Always battling with soft ears, she also afflicted with a serious hematoma at a fairly young age. Owned and Shown by Peggy Beisel McIlwaine and her hsuband Sandy.

 Nuance No Fooling Around at Bulliard

"Willis" GCH Ch Nuance No Fooling Around at Bulliard, ROM

By GCH CH Aragon's Ruffin Around, ROM ex Am/Can Ch Nuance Nonsense, ROM, RATS
The third ROM titled member of his litter, Willis also finished quickly, although his ROM was longer in coming. Shown by his owner, Michelle Long, Willis was Reserve White Dog at the 2016 Silverwood and a finalist for the inagural Silverwood Movement award.

 Nuance Nonetheless

"Vanna" Ch Nuance Nonetheless

By Ch Bulroarus Tuff at the Top, ROM ex Ch Nuance Nonchalance, ROM
Vanna was born in March, 2011 and finished her championship primarily at local shows, with just a few specialty reserves. She lives with Pam and John Rorke along with their Ivan, Nuance National Pastime, in Dryden, MI. She had the significant accomplishment of whelping a healthy litter of 11, the largest Nuance litter to date, in 2014. Two of her offspring have finished their championships and two more are pointed.

Nuance Night Moves

"Phoebe" Ch Nuance Night Moves

By Am/Can Ch Old Forge Tug McGraw at Chevalier ex Am/Can Ch Nuance Night and Day, ROM
Phoebe is Nikki's daughter and completed her championship at the Central Indiana Bull Terrier Club supported weekend in February, 2011. She is shown here going Winners Bitch for 2 AKC and 2 ROM points under Carl Pew at the Golden Triangle Bull Terrier Club supported show in June, 2010. She lives with her mother Nikki and Denise, Lindsay and Warren Myers in Clarkston, Michigan.

Ch Nuance Nonchalance, ROM

"Jolie" Am/UKC Ch Nuance Nonchalance, ROM

By Ch Silmaril Scarlet Knight ex Nuance Nonconformance
Jolie finished her AKC championship going BW at two specialties and finished her ROM in 2008 with 3 point wins under David Harris, Russ Lamonby, and Susan Murphy. Jolie was Reserve Colored Bitch at Silverwood 2008 as well as BOS the next day at the fall BTCA specialty. She was also a Silverwood finalist in 2007 and also has a number of AKC group placements. Proving she is more than just a pretty face, Jolie and Brianne took home the huge impressive trophy as winners of the 2007 Bullyolympics. Jolie is co-owned with her sire's owner, Carl Pew and lives in Utah.

Nuance Nonsense

"Marley" Am/Can Ch Nuance Nonsense, ROM, RATS

By Ch Silmaril Scarlet Knight ex Nuance Nonconformance
Marley is Jolie's sister and winner of the 2008 Silverwood Trophy. She got off to a great start with two all breed Best in Match wins as a puppy and has had a number of group wins and placements in Canada in 2008. She is shown here going Best of Variety over a special for her first major at the Detroit Kennel Club show. After her retirement from the show ring she produced a litter where three puppies finished their ROM titles, making her a BTCA Brood Bitch Emeritus. Further into retirement she became one of the first Bull Terriers to enjoy the new sport of Barn Hunt, she made the Top 50 of the Barn Hunt Nationals in 2014 and holds a Rat Senior (RATS) title. Marley lives at home at Nuance.

Nuance Nightfall

"Arlo" Nuance Nightfall

By Ch Silmaril Scarlet Knight ex Nuance Nonconformance
Arlo is Jolie and Marley's brother and like most boys, is taking a little longer to grow up. He is shown here taking a major by going BOS over a special at his first show at the 2007 Detroit Kennel Club. Arlo is one of the world's most mellow Bull Terriers and lives with Bryant Bright in Waterford, Michigan.

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